First win at the 8bar “Last One Standing” during Six Day Berlin 2018

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The 8bar “Last One Standing” during the Six Day Berlin was our kick-off into the race season 2018. With Jojos win, it was also a very successful start for mess pack berlin.

part of the big deal

8bar Last One Standing Sixday Berlin 2018

The schedule was tight for our first race in 2018. 8bar managed to organize an elimination tournament as part of the Sixday Berlin 2018 – the former called “Sechstagerennen” – in the Velodrome. The first heats had to start already at noon in order to be finished before the races of the pros.


8bar Last One Standing Sixday Berlin 2018

Some of us already raced the Rad Race at Six Day last year. Some went training there recently. But we didn’t race on the new track, which got streamlined last fall to fit standards for the track cycling world championship 2020. So it was kinda big deal to be part of one of the most traditional races in Berlin again.


8bar Last One Standing Sixday Berlin 2018

picture by Stefan Haehnel /

Hagen and Rolle made it into the quarter finals, despite the fact both haven’t spent much time on the track recently. Rolle scraped a crash after a rider cut him off, but got eliminated in the aftermath of the incident.

The Last One Standing

8bar Last One Standing Sixday Berlin 2018

Jojo on the other hand did spent quite some time training and racing on the Velodrome in Copenhagen this winter. He showed his strengths already during the preliminaries when he won his qualification, the quarter final as well as his semi-final. In the end it was a thrilling final between the young power horse Dominik Schmitz / SORE, Folkert Zwiers / Beach Bustards and Jojo – Who was able control most of the laps. In the end he was well positioned in every single hot lap and delivered a great final sprint.



Most of the evening, we had a great time in the velodrome but there was something which outweighed the fun. With frustration we had to hear sexist and disrespectful comments from the commentator of Sixday Berlin all night long. We decided to communicate our disagreement in the following statement and hope to change cycling culture for the better in the future.

For equality & the future of cycling

We love cycling and especially racing. What unites us as a team are similar values which are shared among a lot of other people participating in the same events. It’s a common understanding of what respect for each other means as well as the believe in equality among all people.


This is why we are sad and angry to see organizers of events ruining our joy of racing by being disrespectful in their behavior and acting like idiots.
The commentators of Sixday Berlin Christian Stoll and Karsten Miegels have set an extremely bad example with their moderation during the races and at some point we just wanted to cut their microphone cables. Firstly they put out some strong sexiest comments about individual women in the field and also about the women’s race in general.


If that wasn’t enough they referred to an openly racist song later on, in order to explain the elimination race. This left us completely speechless.
We, as mess pack berlin, will not accept that kind of shitty, disrepectful behavior.


We are part of the future of cycling, and this is not what it will look like!


mess pack berlin

Canyon Rad Pack
La Crossed – make cross fixed again.
Johanna Jahnke / East London Fixed
Chris / 8bar Zeugwart
J Marie
Ingo Engelhardt
Daen Wirges
Kim / Suicycle Track Team
Ernst / Biehler Cycling
Janosch / Janosch Abel Photography
Rad Race – Stop Racism. Start Racism.
Juliane Borths
Marie Rutherford



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