One Way Fixed STEUERRADTAGE in Marlow

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Last weekend we attended the “Steuerradtage” fixed gear races in the Northern Germany, about 30km outside of Rostock. With six of us who raced and two podiums we had a quite successful race weekend.

One of the best thing the big fixed gear races like Red Hook pulled of are the many small and local fixed gear scenes, with their teams and their own races. Germany is a good example, where over the recent years many things got developed.
The “Steuerradtage” took place a two day event, organized by the Rostock crew “One way fixed”. Co-organized with the Scan House Cup, a road race event which happens to be around for the last 14 years. The setup was quite professional for such small diy-event. With timing chips, moderation and several people who took care for a smooth flow of the different races. It’s always fun and kinda weird at the same time when we come to those classic road race events. It feels always like highjacking the event: People wondering where all those young, tattooed people (stereotype yah) coming from and why they’re that crazy and would race a bike without brakes and a fixed gear on a street course.



In Marlow the first day featured a Sprint race hold over three rounds with a qualification, a second chance race and the finals. Each round was hold over three laps on a 1300m course, which included a climb over about 500m with 5% elevation average. Additional challenge: the start/finish line was on cobblestones. So yeah, it really was not the perfect track for a fixed gear criterium, but still great fun. Rolf, Jojo and Silja showed a strong performance in the qualification already and moved straight to the final. Hagen & Raphael needed some time to warm up and had to take the “detour” through the second chance races, which both of them dominated.



As each round of races was only 4km short, it’s basically a very long sprint you have to do. This type of race suited some of us pretty well, while others just were warmed up after it was over. In the end Jojo managed to go in a break away and became 3rd, while Hagen, Raphael and Rolf all finished within the top 10. Silja raced strong among the other women and became 2nd in the end.



So we wrapped up the first day with two podium positions and took off to Rostock after the race, where we stayed with our friends from the team Firmly Fixed, who were lovely hosts. Together we went out for dinner together, nerding out about bikes or reviewing our mistakes and accomplishments of the race, before some of us ended up in a table soccer bar.


Onboard footage Onewayfixed Steuerradtage 2017

Last sunday was race day in Marlow – Onewayfixed Steuerradtage 2017 by ONE WAY FIXED. We had much fun racing 46k on a country road.

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On Sunday some even more people showed up for the second day of racing: a 46km street race with three loops on stormy country roads and the finish on the cobblestone climb like the day before. Unfortunately Jojo just missed the podium and finished 4th while the rest of the guys also raced strongly in the chase with ending the race on 9th (Rolf), 12th (Raphael), 14th (Robbi) and 15th (Hagen) position.



Thanks again to One Way Fixed for setting up this great weekend of racing and also to Juliane, who took all the pictures and care of the rest. Next time we gonna race in the north, it will be at the Waterkant Krit during the Fixed Days in Hamburg and we already looking forward to be all together on the streets again; with the whole fixed gear family.





















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