Podium places at Airport Crit Trollenhagen

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The Airport Crit Trollenhagen is the second race we attended in Northern Germany this year. As part of the “face the race cup” we came to get some points for the overall ranking. In the end we could secure two podium places: Lisa got 2nd and Robert finished 3rd after he worked a lot in the race.


Airportcrit Trollenhagen

We usually try to make it to most of the fixed gear races in Germany. Somehow it’s a nice initiative of the small races, that often happen in the shadow of traditional road races, to team up and get some more attention. The “face the race cup” started off this year as a series of three different events in northern Germany, featuring five races in total. For every race the Top10 positions get points. After we already went to Marlow earlier this year, we had some good standings in the overall ranking and we wanted to collect a few more points at the Airport Crit Trollenhagen last weekend. With Hagen, Raphael, Robert, Rolf, Stefan and Lisa we were the team with the most attendees in the rather small field of 20 people who came to race.


we broke the field apart with a break away…

We tried to make the race fast from the beginning and attacked the top of the field to brake the group and keep the strong local riders busy. A lap on the airport was 3km long, with 12 laps in total and slight head wind as well as tail wind sections it offered a lot of space and possibilities to ride of the group. However it didn’t happen before the 7th lap was on, that we broke away with four riders, only followed by Robert Bolsmann from Firmly Fixed and Marko Weber (PSV90 Neubrandenburg). Raphael who launched the attack stayed back to keep others from chasing. It was Hagen, Robert and Rolf who took turns with the other riders to move on in the race. Stefan was not that well positioned when the others took off and had to fight most of the race by himself. Lisa on her side rode strong and set the pace in the second chasing group and even caught up with Stefan towards the end.


Airportcrit Trollenhagen

…but it wasn’t enough to win the airport crit

In the last lap it was the usual “bide and lurk” you might know from other races where a break away group is getting close to the finish line. Even though we tried to keep the pace high, it was the final sprint to the finish line that determined the race. Robert, who already worked a lot in the group, went for it, but had Robert Bolsmann at his wheel, who had the strongest legs. Robert missed the second place by half of a wheel and came in third, before Rolf and Hagen, who wasn’t allowed to sprint for podium after he got a “free lap” due a mechanical problem right at the start.

Lisa came in second, behind Tini Dreher from ONE WAY FIXED.

The next weekend the series will find its end in Loitz at the Ullmax Radsporttage, where we’ll be racing Saturday and Sunday.

pictures: Celine aka Vollkornkex & face the race cup

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