Rad Race at Six Day Berlin

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This years Six Day Berlin race in the velodrome was a special one. We were no longer spectators – we were part of it! For the first time in its long history it was possible to race on the track without being a pro rider! The guys from Rad Race set up an elimination race as an addition to the official Six Day Berlin program and we were part of it!



The race was sold out within 30 minutes so the anticipation was huge and yes we were nervous! Not only because it was the first race of the year and a first test of what the season might bring for us but also because Berlin velodrome is the home base for our winter training and the crowd to watch the race probably the biggest we have ever met.


Three of us participated: Rolle, Raphael and Jojo. First elimination round was Friday night directly after the professionals Six Day program ended with the stayer race. Raphael started in the first group to qualify and shocked us all in the last lap. He went down in a crash and hit the board quite hard. He broke his collarbone and will be off the bike for a couple of weeks. Definitely a huge bummer to start the year like this but however he will be hopefully back when season really starts in march!


Rolle was next in turn and had a good run but lost the last sprint against former track champion Matthias John and missed the quarter final. Jojo made it safe to the next round which was held the day after. A solid performance in the quarter finals and hard fighting in some tight sprints in the semi finals ensured him a spot in the final. 10 guys racing until only one is left with the last person being eliminated every third lap! Very exciting fast sprints and close decisions but Jojo managed to stay in the race until there were only four left! Being so close to the podium in a race with riders of such an high level – definitely a big success for the start of this season!


Rad Race and Six Day Berlin – thank you so much for making this happen! Next race to come will be the same kind of elimination race but on a go-kart track in Berlin. See you there!!!



All pictures by Constantin Gerlach: constantingerlach.de + www.instagram.com/der_gerlacher

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