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We raced the heavy city traffic, the fast Red Hook Criterium Series and won the World Messenger Championship


Mess pack berlin was founded in early 2015 and the season of 2016 was the most successful so far. We showed our dedication for a special growing bike scene by participating in many international fixed gear criterium races, several alley cat races in cities all over the world and in the bike messenger championships. We had the chance to experience great moments all over the world this year.


Read below to find out more about mess pack berlin in 2016.


Good preparation is everything


Our preparations for the new season started great. The winter was ended for us when we arrived on Fuerteventura for our one week training camp. Empty roads, mountain climbs, beach time and wearing short sleeve jerseys at the end of February – it couldn’t get much better! We used the time to get to know each other better and so went on prepared for future race events this season.


Rad Race Fixed42 - Berlin - JohannesWaterkant Krit Hamburg - Lisa

Early season highlights


The first highlight of the season was when our riders Hagen, Johannes and Robert travelled to the USA. At the beginning of March, Hagen raced at the Monstertrack, which is one of the biggest and by far the most famous alley cat race in the world. For several hours, more than 250 people raced through the heavy traffic on NYC streets on brakeless track bikes.


At the end of April, the first race of the Red Hook Criterium Series took place in Brooklyn, New York. It’s the biggest, fastest and most competitive races on track bikes on a closed street circuit. The atmosphere is always very intense because of the thousands of cheering people along the track as well as spectacular crashes. The Red Hook Brooklyn number 9 made history when a stalled motorbike caused a major crash. Our rider Johannes was lucky to avoid this crash and finished the race safely as part of the chase group.


After the race in NYC, Hagen and Johannes crossed the continent for the Wolf Pack Hustle Short Line Crit in Long Beach in Los Angeles. On this fast course with an average speed of 48km/h, Johannes unfortunately crashed towards the end of the race.


A Race every weekend


We started the fixed crit season with almost the entire team at the Waterkant Krit in Hamburg. The result for us was the first podium this year in the mens competition and a strong performance by Lisa in the womens field.


From now on our race calendar kept us busy with at least one race nearly every weekend right up until October. In the spring and early summer we trained a lot for the Rad Race events. It was the third year that Rad Race organised a variety of races that attract more riders and spectators every year. One of the most fun races happened during the bike exhibition Berliner Fahrradschau on an indoor Kart track. In cooperation with big bike race events like the Velothon Berlin and Rund um Köln, the Rad Race people put up spectator friendly races with a friendly atmosphere which we always love to be a part of. We traveled to the Criterium in Cologne, the Fixed42 World Championship in Berlin and the Last One Standing at the Heidbergring near Hamburg. We got to spend a whole weekend with other bike addicts, fixed gear lovers and their friends and families.


Speaking of families, another type of event that is very important to us are the Bike Messenger Championships. All of us have a background as messengers and most of us are still making a living by delivering goods by bike during the week and we took some time off in the summer to attend both the European Cycling Messenger Championship (ECMC) as well as the Cycle Messenger World Championship (CMWC). The races are on a closed course with all one-way roads where the riders have to prove their skills in workday-like competition with pick-ups and deliveries in the smartest order.


Waterkant Krit Hamburg - Robert and RaphaelThis is not Brooklyn Crit - Dresden - Hagen

At ECMC, Hagen finished 7th and Raphael was in the top 30 out of over 400 messengers from all over the world. Just two weeks later, Johannes took the title of the World’s Best Messenger. He came 3rd at the Cycle Messenger World Championship in 2013 and 2nd at the European Cycling Messenger Championship in 2014.


Another highlight was the Red Hook Criterium in London at the beginning of July. Our rider Johannes qualified for the main race once again and finished in 22nd place. He was less lucky a couple of weeks later at the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona where he crashed out in the qualification. The last Red Hook Crit of this years season took place 1st of October in Milano and was the last big race for us. Jojo worked his way up in the field during the race and finished on a good 26th place.


We’ll stay busy


So far we raced together in over 30 races of all kinds where we took 44 Top 10 position and 20 podiums. Even though the main race season of 2016 is over, we are going to stay busy over the winter. Some of us started with cyclocross races last fall to help us stay in shape until the next season in spring. Most of the mess pack team went to the velodrome last winter as well and we are looking forward to training there again this year.


We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support throughout the year. Especially Brooks England, Crank! Communication, frame builder Cicli Bonanno, Bespoke Chainrings, Goldsprint Berlin, Erlkönig Cascara energy drinks, Redvil, und Diagnose Berlin. It means a lot to us and it is a huge help to have a few less things to worry about when the race schedule is as tight as ours.


Rad Race LWS - Berlin - AstriedOWF Bahnevent - Rostock - Stefan, Rolf and Raphael

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