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On Tuesday Jule was our lonesome rider and went to Münster to compete with three friends, Laura, Amelie and Flo, in the Münsterland Giro, which is part of the GCC (German Cycling Cup).

I arrived in Münster the evening before the race and spend a nice evening with our friends from Rad Pack and a lot of Pizza. Everybody went home quite early as the race started at half past eight in the morning. I was very nervous and with this very up for drinks, a phenomena which appears very often in the nights before a race. But, being a good girl, no party for me and trying to sleep to a reasonable time. Didn’t work, I couldn’t sleep.


So in the morning I was pretty grumpy and had to drink a lot of coffee, what I – side note – regretted a lot during the race. As it was the first GCC participation for all of us, we were put in the last starting block. Also as we couldn’t be bothered to start lining up like everyone else half an hour before the race, we started even in the back of the last aka slow block.


Quite stupid. Ok, at least in the beginning a lot of fun: The first half of the race the four of us were busy making our way to the front. I loved that. There were so many riders (many of them with a quite let’s say ‚chaotic‘ way of cycling), many big groups and it was so much fun just overtaking, catching a wheel, relaxing, overtaking the next people, chilling in a group again and so on with quite a decent speed. And then… it seemed we made all the way to the front, facing the strong headwind. There were only single riders left we overtook and no bigger group within sight we could work together with. It got pretty tough.



At some stage I turned around and  realized that we gathered a big group of around 50 people behind us, none of them willing to work. I was in the front for quite some time, when I saw a sign for a 500 meter sprint classification. And all of the sudden a handful of lazy men had to overtake me, doing the sprint, for the photo. Or for the ego? I of course didn’t follow because there was no sense for us at all and also I was hardly pushing against the wind and wanted or rather needed to save my energy. I found this behavior just so stupid.


After the sprint the guys got slower and lined up behind us three girls again, which made me really pissed off (and swear a little). Surely, we could have gone slower, too, and forced the others to work in the front. But that would have been so lame. And excuse me, it’s a race, ain’t it, and not a relaxed base mile ride. I guess the people got my point, but it didn’t last long.


So Amelie, Laura and I were leading the pack again.



10 kilometers before the finish line of course all the lazy gentlemen woke up and got fast. At that point I wasn’t sure if I have still some energy left to keep up. But I was really keen on racing. So I tried to go with them. Every time someone passed, I followed. Flo, Amelie and Laura did the same. It was hard but really cool! Still four kilometers or so to go I tried to go with a fast big guy and didn’t make it. I thought that was it. Done. Ciao. Such a rookie mistake.


But then a dude, also on a Giant bite, got that situation, caught me and let me cycle in his slipstream. I appreciated this a very much after all the uncooperative cycling so far and it motivated me a lot. Briefly behind him I could recover, gather pace again and, sorry, had to leave him behind. The finish line was not far anymore and it got quite fast and busy. I hope the others were still behind me. And then 500 meters before the finish Laura passed me in between all the guys. And I just had in my head, that – even though we did the 95 kilometers as a team – I wanted to win the sprint against her (and especially these guys that really bugged me). We were the fastest girls in that group and I really did want to win this. Shifted up, again, my legs pushed as hard as they could, and there was nothing else around me. I just wanted to do that. And I made it.



For me it was the first time to be in a busy sprint situation like this and I think it got me pretty high on adrenaline. I was so happy after the race, I still am, and so were Laura, Amelie and Flo, because we four did a really good job together, not only for us but also for many other riders. We finished the Münsterland Giro in 2:40 with almost 36km/h while working half of the race alone in the wind. I’m still feeling very proud, a feeling that I never had like this after a bike race and I am more than happy that I finished 29th allover and 6th in my age group.


I think these longer big road races really got me. Next season I want to do more races of the GCC, but please in another starting block.

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