“This is not Brooklyn 2017” – support your local fixed gear scene

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For the third time the “This is not Brooklyn” fixed gear crit was held in Dresden last Sunday. We went with five riders to race as this crit is one of our personal favorites. Jojo repeated his result from the previous year and got 2nd.


There’re many small fixed gear crits now all over Germany. The reason why we like „This is not Brooklyn“ so much, which is organised by our friends of the U-lock Justice Crew, is mainly the nice atmosphere and the fun course that it offers. It’s one of the biggest of the small races and in contrast to others it’s organised totally independent. Everything feels just right and welcoming.


A technical course on a parking garage

While Jojo, Juliane and Lisa, who already raced successful the day before the Hannover FXD crit, stayed in Dresden already for the pre-ride and party Saturdaynight, Hagen and Rolf took off early in Berlin to drive to Dresden. They arrived on a wet course, as the rain had just stopped, on the top of a parking garage in a shopping area outside of the city, where the race has been held last year already.

The 1km long track featured three hair pins: one wider and two narrow once and due the fact to be the top of a detached building, our riders had to face some headwind sections. But we were convinced it’s gonna be a fun day. While setting up our base camp, the sun came out and dried up the course.


Sometimes qualification means to ride an additional race

Hagen, Jojo and Rolf started all in three different qualification heats with 20 riders each. After a ten lap race, only the first five moved straight to the final. Unfortunately Hagen and Rolf both finished 6th due some mistakes in their last lap and had to race one out of three „last chance“ races, where the top five got qualified as well. Jojo secured his place in the front of the starting grid in the final race after he won his heat.



Unfortunately the women field was smaller this year and with only ten women racing, the organizers decided to determine the starting grid by an individual time trial over one lap. Lisa and Juliane had to do their qualification now on a wet course. It just started to rain, when the girls lined up for their qualification. With the 6th and 7th fastest time they secured their spot in the fourth row of the starting grid in the finals.


Hagen started his “last chance race” when the course was still wet and slippery in some parts. But he put trust in his legs and our Michelin tires to hold the rubber side down and broke away of the group in the first lap already. With a ten lap solo ride off the front he safely moved into the final. Rolf showed a strong performance as well and attacked in his group to split up the field and qualified himself for the final race.


Time for the final race

Now it was the turn of the girls again. With sunshine on the course the conditions shifted again and everything looked promising for a thrilling final. However Juliane had bad luck at the start and couldn’t clip in right away, so there was already a small gap approaching the first turns. As there was a first lap prime in both of the finals, the pace was high from the beginning and the first four riders, friends from Maloja Pushbikers, ONE WAY FIXED and the winner of the previous year – youngster Paulina Klimsa, where off. Lisa, who also had to start from the back of the field had to close some gaps at the beginning of the race, but managed to hang into the second group where she often rode the lead out and did a great race, even though she didn’t had the legs to win the sprint for the 5th place in the end. It was again the 18-year old Paulina who won the race in front of Marion Dziwnik (Maloja Pushbikers) and Tini Dreher (ONE WAY FIXED) who rounded up the podium.


In the guy’s final, held over 30 laps, it was one more time Eike Haumann from Fixedpott who set his mark with a solo break away early in the race. The peloton was still one big group at this point, but the front hesitated and let him go. It was Jojo among others how put down the pedal eventually and with eight laps to go finally caught the runaway. With a start from the second half of the pack Hagen and Rolle moved up in the field on the technical course during the first laps, but missed the first group. Considering that both had an additional 10-lap race in their legs already place 17th and 19th are not too bad in the end. It was Jan Stechmann from Suicycle track team who did outsprint Jojo and Simon Mateju from Defekt Crew on the last meters.


We hope that this nice fixed gear crit in Dresden will happen again next year and thank gratefully all the people who helped putting it up! Keep supporting your local fixed gear scene and go the small crit races; they’re fun as well!


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