Totensonntag Alleycat – double podium

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Totensonntag or the “Sunday of the Dead” is a German religious holiday practiced mainly in Lutheran churches. For us it’s a fixed date for the annual Totensonntagalleycat that happened for the last three years in a row and we always made it to the podium.



What’s special about the Totensonntagalleycat?

Well actually making it to the podium is not why we like it so much! Bu the Totensonntagalleycat is special and different to other alleycats because you have to check out cemeteries and find the graves and memorials of people who are well known. While at other alleycats in Berlin you often start at a place somewhere in the city center and known by most of the people, the organizer Siggi makes sure even the start is a bit harder to find or somehow “off”.




Ride together on historical paths

Today Robbi, Rolf & Hagen met on a bridge in Kreuzberg to ride together to the announced starting point in a small park with a playground in the western part of the city. At our chosen starting time we got our manifests with 12 checkpoints and pretty soon we knew this years edition of the Totensonntagalleycat will be different. No graveyards this time, but 11 street names, places, memorials, churches that all honor Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia.


Rush through the city.
Find the checkpoint.
Make a picture.

As it was a sunday afternoon, the traffic on most of the streets was quite chill, so we often simply took the big streets that brought us quickly to the southwest area called Dahlem, where the first three checkpoints where located. With speeds between 35km/h and 40km/h we rushed up north to Charlottenburg, to get three more checkpoints done. At all of them we simply had to take a picture with us, the spoke card we recieved at the start and the place, sign or memorial of Victoria Louise. Even through we three started by ourselfs and we assumed everyone who started did choose a slightly different route, we met people on our way. Which is always fun as it gives you an extra push to chase and follow other through the streets of Berlin.




It took us about 01:40h to finish them all and race back to the finish, a well-known bike messenger bar called “Jägerklause” in Berlin Friedrichshain. Many Alleycats have started and / or ended here. In the end we were defeated by “number 10” (remember: Always put your name on the manifest. 😉 ) by 16 seconds. Rolf made it on the second place three years in a row, before Robby and Hagen – who won last year.


After our summer was pretty busy with fixed gear races we’re happy to see as the year ends, there is an alleycat organized by different people almost every week right now. Next one is gonna be the “Muscle Cat” and it’s just around the corner. It will take place next Saturday and is organized by our beloved messbro Schobert the Rütz.


MiLka die kuh says:

November 20, 2016 at 11:08 pm

Who won?


mess pack berlin says:

November 21, 2016 at 3:01 am

Arne aka “number 10” from the infamous polytoxikommanderz made it!


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