Training in Mallorca – the cycling Mekka

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To escape the last cold and grey winter days in Northern Europe and to prepare for the upcoming season mess pack berlin spent a week in Mallorca. This spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea is a safe choice for rides in short sleeves in early spring times who are keen to climb some decent mountains.


But a week of training camp means more than riding mountains in scenic landscapes: We bond as a team, strengthen our friendship and setting sails for the upcoming race season. You will see your team mates with different eyes after you’ve been together 24/7. To share intense training rides, hang out at the pool as well as cook and eat together every day is different than spending just several race days together during a season.


None of us has been cycling in Mallorca before and we weren’t  disappointed: Roads in perfect conditions surrounded by beautiful nature is exactly what we needed after what felt like an endless grey off season. At the price of sharing the roads with hundreds of other road cyclists, triathletes or just tourists on a jaunt. But well – as we are used to crowded traffic on the daily commute and working as bike messengers that was none of a problem and of course we prefer cyclists a thousand times over smelling cars.




You have to get up early…

Most of our days we spent five to six hours in the saddle after having breakfast together in the morning sun. Our program was a mixture between seeing all the scenic places along the roads and structured efforts, planned by our team mate and trainer Raphael, who also runs the performance diagnostic lab “Diagnose Berlin”. This way it was ensured we build up strength for short but intense criterium races – our main focus.


To see one of the highlights on the island – the ride to Sa Calobra, a little port at the dead end of a serpentine road – another effort was necessary though. We got up when it was still night and left the house together with photographer Paolo Martelli at 5:30am. The feelings which overcame us after riding through fields in the complete dark before the sunrise, climbing up Batilla when no one else was around and arriving at the top of Coll de Reis when the sun just began to rise over the surrounding rocks is simply not to describe with words alone. The beauty of a nature totally changes its vibe when you have to share a spot with hundreds of other people. We had it all to ourselves: the winding roads, the silence and the quiet sea at the beach of Sa Calobra – unforgettable for all of us.



By the time we made the climb back to the top of Coll de Reis and with 1500m of altitude already in the legs the first tourist busses just arrived and more and more cyclists had made their way up the mountains. Very satisfying to know you got the best out of the day already when others just started theirs. And another great thing: we’re back at noon with plenty of time to relax at the pool, chill in the sun and play our favorite board game on this trip: a cycling board game where we re-built the course of the day.










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