Ullmax Radsporttage Loitz – fun and success for mess pack berlin

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Hagen, Juliane and Rolf made their way to Loitz this weekend to compete in the two fixed crits during the Ullmax Radsporttage. Both were also the final races of the “Face The Race Cup” and the German Fixed Crit Series. We took home five podium places in total this weekend, which include a 2nd place for Rolf and 3rd for Juliane in “Face The Race Cup” overall ranking.

Ullmax Radsporttage Loitz 2017

Road trip to the country side

In Robert’s VW Camping Van we left Berlin on Saturday noon to drive up north. Like the weekend before the roads took us to a small city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommernm, 250km away from Berlin. As part of the Ullmax Radsporttage the local bike club organized two fixed races for the second time as part of their program. After some snacks at the campground it was time to leave for the race course nearby.


The 2,4 km loop around a industrial area with solar panels and small factories featured no sharp turns, but invited to go fast. At dusk the race started and around 20 racers gathered at the start-finish-line when the format was explained for the last time. According to “danish point racing” or “snowball” only the rider who crossed the finish line first could gather points. In the ten lap race increasing from one to ten points, according to the lap count.

Dusky increment Crit: Tactics and position are crucial in every point race

While Juliane had only one other contestant to race against, Hagen and Rolf were not sure what would be the best strategy to race such kind of race format. Right after the first sprint the field got pulled apart, but both found themselves on comfortable positions in the first group and Hagen could even win the sprint at the end of the second lap. The first points. Rolf saw his chance in the next lap and attacked smart with about 300 m to the finish line. No one was interested to follow and so he took off for a break away, while Hagen stayed with three more riders and made sure he could establish a gap. After Rolf won lap number three and four, he was in the lead but couldn’t follow the others when they shut down the gap eventually. In the meantime Juliane found some company with Max from the infamous Track Mob Berlin, while strong Tini Dreher from ONE WAY FIXED, the only other woman racing, was keeping up with some gents further in the front.


We know that it takes at least a handful of female riders to realize a separate race for women. But we also know that a mixed race isn’t the ideal and it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when the few or in this case two participating women are not on the same level. So Jule was very happy she found Max!


Even though Hagen followed the sprints for the points most laps, it was Robert Bolsmann from Firmly Fixed who won all of the following sprints. In lap eight however Hagen tried again and even though he couldn’t win, he found himself in the next round with a gap of 30 meters before the rest of group, only Robert coming closer slowly. So he decided to go and while Rolf, back in the leading group, made sure the break away wasn’t chased down, he won the nine points and took over second place.


None of those in the top of the field wanted to lead out the last lap, so other riders came back and suddenly the race for place three was open again. But one more time Robert from Firmly Fixed managed to cross the line first and gathered 37 points in total. Juliane came to the finish short afterwards and took second behind Tino Dreher from ONE WAY FIXED.


We went back to our campground and after a warm shower, some pasta, beer and good convo we slept well on that sweet camping site in Loitz, where we definitely want to stay again next year!

Fixed, Flat and Fast Crit – and some wind

Ullmax Radsporttage Loitz 2017

When we got up in the morning we could feel that the wind had picked up. Good part of it: The clouds disappeared and the sun came out. While enjoying breakfast we were already looking forward to that second day of racing. We arrived at the course at noon, when the first road races were already finished and many riders warmed up beside the track on their rollers or asked for cogs and chainrings to gear up. Even with a stronger head wind on a long straight of the course, Hagen and Rolf decided to do the same and go for “all or nothing”.


With Maike from FXD FWD and again Tini Dreher there were three women racing on Sunday, starting together with the men. This time it was a twelve lap race, straightforward: Fist who crosses the line gets the win, with a mid race prime after lap six. The field of about 20 people stayed together at the beginning as everyone seemed to be cautious and no one wanted to risk anything early in the race. With a few attacks thrown at the field here and there, there was some more movement after a few laps, but the first time a leading group could establish a gap was after the fight for the mid race prime. It was again Robert Bolsmann who went for it, with Hagen close to his wheel, who missed it by just an inch in the end.



Juliane fought strong with Maike and some boys in a small group further back in the race. It was great teamwork of all of them and Juliane, even not feeling very great that day, was way more happy than the day before because she found a group of riders to race with.




The rest of the race was rather indifferent. Besides an attack by Rolf and two friends from Hamburg, which got covered by Hagen, which didn’t succeeded, it came down to a field sprint.  Rolf, who worked a lot during the whole race tried to keep the pace high in the last lap and made it hard for others to start an early sprint. He finished the race on 6th place. Hagen was not that well positioned, but managed to finish 3rd.




Even though it was the last fixed gear race for us in Germany, our race season will continue: Hagen, Jojo and Juliane will race the Red Hook Crit in Milano on October 14th and we are excited that the Cyclocross season is finally starting, too!




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